Ceramic Giant Toad of the North (Põhjakonn)

Põhjakonn | Giant Toad of the North   A small-scale sculpture that grew out of a commission piece for a friend that needed a model for an outdoor sculpture that could survive on a rock in shallow sea. It ended up looking like this: https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/11056570_858637050857935_1235386284868990739_o.jpg However, I felt that I liked the model and wanted […]

Suure-kõpu mõisa näituse butafooria 2015 suvi

2015 summer manor exhibition: Suure Kõpu | Mõisakoolide näitusedekoor The main project this summer was not restoration, but polyester resin casting and design for an upcoming manor exhibition in Suure-Kõpu. The main idea was to create quirky elements into the room and as the client had seen impressive capitols during a fashion show in Italy, […]

Conservation of altar statue in St. Paul church, Tartu, Estonia. | Tartu Pauluse Kiriku vana altarikuju konserveerimine

Tartu Pauluse Kiriku vana altarikuju konserveerimine *Update on 11.07.2016: “I finally completed my MA, and subsequently the practical conservation and theoretical analysis of the altar statue is concluded. The thesis can be found on: Thesis It was a long road to this point, and I would have hoped to have a complete exhibition of the […]